Stakeholder and Partners resources

Welcome to the partnership and stakeholder page for the Clear Your Head campaign. This page provides a range of campaign assets which you can use to support the physical and mental health of your employees and customers.

These are worrying and uncertain times. The coronavirus outbreak has changed daily life for us all in Scotland and has had a real impact on how many of us are feeling. It’s ok to not feel yourself right now.

The Clear Your Head campaign has been created to raise awareness and offer practical tips and ideas to individuals to take steps to help cope with stress, pressure and anxiety during these times; reminding them these feelings are natural and being experienced by many.

With your help we want to reassure people that there is support available and provide tips on how to stay positive and to protect their mental and physical wellbeing during the coronavirus outbreak.

As a trusted company/organisation operating in Scotland you can help the campaign in a variety of very simple ways;

  • Communicate the key messages to your employees and customers
  • Produce editorial content within newsletters, intranet and via social channels
  • Share assets with people you interact with
  • Amplify your own wellbeing content through our collated PR campaign

You will find assets below which you can include in your editorial for newsletters and social media.

Partner Toolkit

The partner toolkit contains a range of suggestions and content that can be used to support the Clear Your Head campaign.

News release and editorial

We recognise that there is already lots of great work happening to support mental health and wellbeing across Scotland and we would be very keen to add value by highlighting the efforts that your company and individuals within your organisation are undertaking to stay positive and get through this time. Sharing real life, tailored content provides a more impactful and memorable message which will resonate with individual audiences. Please contact us below if you would like to be featured in our campaign PR.

If you’re planning to contact your local newspaper or radio station about the Clear Your Head campaign, you may find the template media release useful. Please remember to tailor it accordingly before distribution.

If you’re scheduling to include information on the Clear Your Head campaign in your newsletter, e-zine or online, you can use some or all of the editorial text attached and include one of the images below.

Clear Your Head Poem

People aged eight to 80 have added their voices to a new poem designed to help people look after their mental health whilst they continue to stay at home.

The ten contributors, who are missing school, furloughed, working from home or isolating, have filmed themselves reciting lines of the poem, written by Glasgow writer-performer Cat Hepburn, to highlight that feelings of anxiety, worry and stress are normal.

You can share on social media using these social posts and include the film below, provided in both square and landscape format. Plus the words of the poem are on this pdf document.

Clear Your Head Poem PR

Please find a media release about the new Clear Your Head poem.

Social media

We’d be grateful if you could also provide support via your social media channels. Here are a few examples of social media posts you can use to let people know about the campaign. We have added new social posts to complement our range of ads, these highlight worries about going out more and practical tips to feel calmer as restrictions begin to ease as well as posts on loneliness, missing people and intense emotions.

We recommend embedding advert, images, and graphics from the campaign in your posts for the maximum impact.

Social advert edits

Social image posts

Core campaign

We have produced the following assets to complement advertising on TV and social media.

Ready to print or share

These posters have no crop marks so can be printed from any printer or shared as pdfs to your staff by HR, their line manager or on the intranet.


It’s already proving to be a great time to pull together and provide crucial support and connection for each other. We hope these practical tips will help people find support when they need it.

We look forward to working together in support of the Clear Your Head campaign.

Get in touch

To find out more please get in touch with Paula Louise Webster, on behalf of the Scottish Government at [email protected].