Stakeholder and partner resources

Welcome to the stakeholder and partner page for the Clear Your Head campaign. This page provides a range of campaign assets which you can use to support the physical and mental health of your employees and customers.

The coronavirus pandemic has had a real impact on how many of us are feeling. It’s only natural to feel overwhelmed as things open up again.

The Clear Your Head campaign has been created to raise awareness and offer practical tips and ideas to individuals to take steps to help cope with stress, pressure and worry during these times even while many of us are enjoying being out and about more; reminding them these feelings are natural and being experienced by many.

With your help, we want to encourage people to find ways to lift spirits as they get back to familiar places and experiences. There are a number of ways people can connect with others and nature to help boost their mood.

As a trusted company/organisation operating in Scotland you can help the campaign in a variety of very simple ways;

  • Communicate the key messages to your employees and customers
  • Produce editorial content within newsletters, intranet and via social channels
  • Share assets with people you interact with
  • Inspire people to find new ways to boost their mood and support those around them

You will find assets below which you can include in your editorial for newsletters and social media.

On Thursday 8 October 2020 the Scottish Government published Mental Health – Scotland’s Transition and Recovery - a plan that outlines its response to the mental health impacts of Covid-19 and lockdown, and the actions that the Scottish Government will take to respond to that need. Read the plan on the Scottish Government's website.

Partner Toolkit

The partner toolkit contains a range of suggestions and content that can be used to support the Clear Your Head campaign.

Latest social media assets

We’d be grateful if you could also provide support via your social media channels. We recommend embedding advert, images, and graphics from the campaign in your posts for the maximum impact.

We update these assets regularly to reflect the latest campaign activity. Below you’ll find the most up-to-date assets (published 25th of August 2021) split by type (video or image) and size/recommended social channel.

Social media


BSL of the TV ad


Audio posts

Get in touch

To find out more please get in touch with Paula Louise Webster, on behalf of the Scottish Government at [email protected].