Things you can do to help clear your head.

These are worrying and uncertain times. The coronavirus outbreak has changed daily life for us all in Scotland and has had a real impact on how many of us are feeling. It's ok to not feel yourself right now, and we have some great tips to help get you through it.

There are lots of ways you can find more help and support.

During these difficult times it’s important to stick to the latest advice and guidance on limiting physical contact. But that doesn’t mean you have to get through things all on your own. There are lots of organisations offering ideas and practical assistance to get you through. Whenever you need it, we can point you in the right direction.

On Thursday 8 October 2020 the Scottish Government published Mental Health – Scotland’s Transition and Recovery - a plan that outlines its response to the mental health impacts of Covid-19 and lockdown, and the actions that the Scottish Government will take to respond to that need. Read the plan on the Scottish Government's website.

Keep in touch
and up to date.

Things are changing all the time right now and we’ll keep adding to this website as things develop. So keep checking back for the latest tips and ideas. You can also find further guidance on NHS inform.